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Fantastic Four creates first in its kind 3D graphic puzzle game

Fantastic Four creates first in its kind 3D graphic puzzle game

Triada Studio is a computer graphics and animation studio with over 20 years of industry experience. Shadowmatic is the company’s first project that bridges its vast computer graphics experience with an experimental in-house 3D engine.

Shadowmatic is a single player shadow puppet game. In the game, the player is presented with a very obscure, abstract object that doesn’t resemble anything. There’s an off-screen light source casting a shadow on the wall, and the player’s task is to rotate the object until the shadow forms a recognizable silhouette.

Triada Studio Games team focused on the Shadowmatic is small, 4 people, but this didn’t stop them. Director Ara Aghamalyan, designer Arsen Avoyan, programmer Bagrat Dabaghyan and composer Serge Melkonyan combine stunning visuals with relaxing and captivating gameplay and create startup idea and develop it into the working and the world known project.

The studio has mainly worked on TV commercials, TV channel branding, visual effects for movies and many other things that are directly or indirectly connected with computer graphics and animation.

The team began working on Shadowmatic in March 2012. During the development, they added a lot of new features to their original idea, so it is not surprising that the development process stretched for about three years.

Shadowmatic beaten the award receiving record by winning 8 various awards and nominations in just two years of being launched, as are “Best Game Art” Indie Prize at the Casual Connect Amsterdam 2016, “Excellence in Visual Art” and the “Media Choice Award” at the DevGAMM Moscow 2015, as well as Best of 2015 and Editor’s Choice in App Store.

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